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All Data, More Analyses, Best results

We put data and technology. You make decisions to drive the revenue to your aim.


Revenue Control Data collects automatically all the data from your hotel, competence and environment to show them in an only control panel which you will be able to run without changing screen and in real time. Spend more time thinking: improve your decisions.


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More and better data

Save more than 60 hours a month in the load of data with our multi-purpose automatic load.

In addition, find out in-house exclusive data generated by the system, impossible to achieve in PowerBI.

Always from reliable sources and in constant growth.

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Global view and one-click details

RevCtrlData shows you from the general view up to the minor detail.

A panel with all data that provides you a global view. One-click details at any point of the matrix.And even the smallest detail in automatic downloadable reports.

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Platform with technology of in-house development

An active platform, with continuos updates, customisable and in constant development at the pace that the market and the needs of our customers demand.

In- house technology has another advantage: we can customise even the smallest detail of the platform just like you want.

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Pay according to you needs: profitable from the first day

Revenue Control Data is always profitable: it fits to your organization and budget. Pay depending on the size of your organization and the customisation that you need.

Ideal for hotels, hotel groups, rural tourism, apartments or any other kind of tourist accomodation.

In addition, consultancy and advice service. We have been active revenues for more than 20 years, take advantage of our experience to take the next step forward.


RMS multipropiedad

Timeshare platform: control all your organization

Compare on just one click all the establishments of your company as you wish: location, category or hotel group if you are a consultancy firm.

Revenue Management, our main board

Never lose the global view, all the necessary details in the same dashboard; instead of having the competence in one section, KPI revenue in other or the data of the market in a diferent one. Your data follow you wherever you make decisions.

RMS revenue

Pick up in all its possibilities

Dynamic pick up: change the anticipation and recalculate the pick up in one second; Total pick up, by types of room, by channel and by sections.

Your competence, always under control

All the prices of your competence by type of accomodation, by type of cancellation, by type of room, in all its MLOS restrictions and evolution.

RMS competencia
RMS equivalencia fechas

Equivalence of dates and management of periods

Compare correctly among dates even if reference events are in different months. Browse the calendar and compare, analyse and manage the periods as you wish. Mapping of dates had never been so easy.

Market Demand Trends

We show you the demand trends so that you do not miss any chance and forsee threats.

RMS booking pace

Booking pace and growth curve

Find out when there are more customers ready to buy for the highest price, every time of the year. Revenue management in pure state in only one chart.

Disparity alerts: take care of your direct sales

We warn you when there are negative disparities and their origin. Do not allow anyone else to sell cheaper than in your own website.

RMS alertas disparidades
RMS evolucion tarifa

Rates' evolution

Control your price changes and their effect on the demand.

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Marketing Data

Because we do not understand the revenue as separated from digital marketing and viceversa, get to know your customers and their buying patterns.

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Alerts system

Automatic and configurable alerts 24/7, to avoid getting lost.

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Automatic budget and pricing

We calculate automatically your anual budget day by day and the starting pricing in perder to be able to reach that budget.

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Combinatorial calculator

Is it profitable to accept a group at a particular point in time? At what price? Make a one-click calculation and make the correct decision.

Our partners

In Revenue Control Data we know the wide diversity of tools and sources that exist within the market.For this reason, and although the most important are already included in our system, we can adapt fast and efficiently to your data architecture and tools thanks to our in-house equipment of engineering and development.

An active professional team of the revenue

We are a team of revenue managers with more than 20 years of experience. We have developed and implemented strategies in more than 150 establishments all over the world. We usted to spend hours and hours glued to a spreadsheet.One day we thought that we could talk to a team of engenieers and tell them what we would like. It was then when Revenue Control Data was born.


Socia fundadora y CEO


Our customers are clear about it

Logo Aspasios Boutique Apartments cliente de Revenue Control Data

RCD is the final support that we need on order to determine our price strategy. RevCtrlData is a mixture of technology, support and constant development and innovation. Its adaptability to all types of tourist accomodation and the clear and quick display of our data, as well as its dynamism may be pointed out.



Logo The Net Revenue cliente de Revenue Control Data

In the Net Revenue we were seeking a tool that made our efficiency grow and RCD was a wise decision, very visual, easy to use and intuitive. Now we can spend more time analysing and running instead of having to mount and gather and add data. We are willing to continue growing with them.



Logo 7 islas hotel cliente de Revenue Control Data

I have been working with this tool for the last two years and it has been incredibly efficient when it comes to setting the best rates and maximising incomes and profitability in my hotel. A great additional advantage is the support that I receive from the team, ready to solve any doubt at any moment.



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